Cult rockers Giant Drag are in disarray after drummer and keyboard player MICAH CALABRESE quit the band. Calabrese left after the US group played its last concert on 9 November (06) in Paris, France. However, frontwoman ANNIE HARDY has vowed to continue recording and performing under the band's name - and reveals Calabrese has been working as a freelance computer programmer since he left. She says, "Micah quit the band about a week after we came back from France. "Micah never wanted to be in a band in the first place. He likes playing music and he likes recording but he never wanted to do this as a career. "He had a real job before and he was making money. He had a house and everything. "But when he joined the band full time it was like he didn't have a house anymore, he doesn't have a nice car anymore. "I'd imagine that if you weren't passionate about doing this then it makes dealing with the other bullshit that comes along with it, like touring and f**king being in the music industry and not making any money hard to put up with. Not to mention being in a band with me, which is struggle enough!"