Rappers Ghostface, KILLAH and Jadakiss have gone to jail - for their new video.

The WU-TANG CLAN star spent days locked up in a Bronx, New York, jail with his video sidekick in the promo for RUN.

He says, "It's a grimy song. We couldn't show things on TV how we wanted to, so filming in prison is a political move.

"We have a nice story, where we get bagged for crimes we did. You got brothers who get away when you gotta run. But to get your video played, you gotta show like, `OK, we got bagged for what we did. That's why we in jail now.'

"This is business. It's work. I wouldn't wanna be in here, but this is like shooting a movie. What you gonna do, turn it down 'cause it's a jail and you been in here before? This is what you gotta do right now."

Killah, real name TONY STARK, will team up with Missy Elliott on his next single, TOOSH.

22/01/2004 17:22