Rapper Ghostface Killah is threatening to quit the hip-hop industry - because his fans would rather download his new album for free instead of buying it legitimately. The Wu-Tang Clan star's latest disc, The Big Doe Rehab, debuted at number 41 on the U.S. Billboard album chart with sales of approximately 36,000 upon its release in early December (07), but has failed to shift more units to move higher up in the charts. And the MC - real name Dennis Coles - is contemplating retiring from the rap game because he doesn't feel appreciated by his fanbase. In footage posted on video-sharing website YouTube, he says, "I thought y'all motherf**kers loved me, man. You know I go all out for y'all, and I love y'all man, but y'all n**gas be hurtin' the kid, because y'all don't wanna go cop (buy) our CD, you feel me? Y'all rather download our s**t. "If y'all really rollin with the kid, snap out that s**t man. This is real talk... It's comin' from your homey... Y'all n**gas gonna make me leave the game based on n**gas doin' s**t like that man. I thought y'all loved me. Go cop that CD man, even if you downloaded that s**t, go to the store and cop that. If you really love your man."