Rapper Ghostface Killah was forced to halt his set at a concert in New York on Wednesday night (30Sep09) when members of his entourage began brawling on stage.
The star was nearing the end of his free show at the Hiro Ballroom in Manhattan when trouble began brewing between various Wu-Tang Clan associates who were standing at the back of the platform.
The heated dispute soon turned physical, prompting Ghostface to stop the music and call for the men involved to continue their dispute backstage.
An embarrassed Ghostface then turned to the audience and said, "(It's) your own f**king people who make you look f**king stupid", before ordering his bodyguards to "get them to take it backstage!"
His Wu-Tang Clan bandmate U-God explained, "Some family s**t going down."
Security escorted those involved off stage before Ghostface continued with his set, performing tracks like Do Over from his new album Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City, and his hit Ne-Yo collaboration Back Like That.
Before leaving the stage for the final time, the rapper apologised once more to his fans, saying, "Pardon me, those were my n**gers. They (sic) on some other s**t."
The concert also saw fellow rappers Redman, Jadakiss and Kid Cudi hit the stage to perform with the hip-hop star.