Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman is being sued for discrimination after allegedly forcing a new mum to quit her job as his assistant.

JULIET WARD-BOYDSTON claims the movie-maker promised to make her a producer in return for her years of loyalty, but changed his tune when she gave birth.

When she announced she was pregnant, Boydston claims Reitman told her producing would be too much for her to handle and she should think about pursuing "a new avenue".

When Boydston returned from maternity leave, she was denied a raise, and locked out of a promotion - and she claims it's because Reitman didn't want another mother in his organisation.

She is seeking unspecified damages on grounds of fraud, breach of contract and conspiracy.

Reitman's legal spokesman says the claims have "no merit" and the suit is full of "false and frivolous allegations".

15/01/2004 08:56