OUTKAST singer ANDRE 3000 turned down the chance to star in Be Cool before he eventually accepted the role - because he feared playing a rapper would be too "obvious".

The HEY YA! hitmaker - real name ANDRE BENJAMIN - was desperate to break into the movies but worried about taking a part in the recent Get Shorty sequel.

Eventually, after some persuading from director F Gary Gray, he agreed to put aside his misgivings and starred alongside Uma Thurman and JOHN TRAVOLTA.

Andre tells British magazine NOIR, "I really had to turn it down because I knew I wanted to get into films but I didn't want to play a rapper, that's the obvious thing to do.

"So he said, 'You got to think about it. People don't see you as that and you're really playing a parody of what people think rap is. Now that will be great for your career.'

"I said, 'You're right, so let me try it."

25/04/2005 21:24