Gerry Rafferty's fiancee has opened up about the tragic musician's devastating battle with alcoholism, revealing the star became hooked on booze at the age of seven.
The 63-year-old Scottish songwriter, known for his iconic tracks Stuck In The Middle With You and Baker Street, passed away earlier this month (Jan11) after suffering liver failure, caused by years of heavy drinking.
Now his devastated partner Ezina Fuschini has given an insight into the rocker's tormented life, revealing she immediately tried to help him beat his demons after a chance meeting in a London cafe in 2008.
She tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "He was like a wounded beast. I wanted to save his life. Now that he is gone, I am devastated. He was my soulmate, my man."
After the pair first met, Rafferty invited Fuschini to visit him at a hotel, and when she arrived she found the star injured from a drunken fall, prompting him to reveal all about his battle with booze.
She adds, "The (hotel) door was slightly ajar, and I peeked into the room. It was a disturbing scene, he had injured himself in a fall while drinking. Gerry beckoned me over and I immediately felt huge compassion for him. We talked about his alcoholism. He told me that he felt that he was under some sort of evil spell. He felt crippled by it.
"He told me he believed his alcoholism started when he was aged just seven when an aunt gave him a glass of sherry at a wedding and it had made him feel happier, lighter."
And Fuschini admits she is wracked with guilt because she was not at Rafferty's hospital bedside on the night he died: "Gerry wanted me by his deathbed, but I wasn't there. I wanted to help him find some dignity. I didn't want him to have a terrible ending."