Musician Gerry Rafferty is said to be safe and well after reports suggested he had been missing for six months.

The Baker Street singer checked himself out of a London hospital while being treated for liver failure last August and fears had grown for the whereabouts of the 70s star.

But after the Guardian newspaper reported Rafferty was being cared for by a friend, the 61-year-old's ex-wife has confirmed his wellbeing.

"He's fine. He's got plenty of people looking after him," Carla Rafferty, 58, told the Mirror.

Rafferty, who has battled with alcoholism for years, made the news in August last year when he destroyed a room at the Westbury hotel in London where he had been staying for four days.

"He was drinking whisky like there was no tomorrow, bottle after bottle of it," hotel director Alex Huggan told the Scottish Sun at the time.

“He has damaged quite a lot of his room because he has been incontinent for four days and there was blood and urine everywhere."

Rafferty was admitted to St Thomas' hospital in London after the incident, but checked himself out, sparking concern for his wellbeing.

But after fans posted on online forums saying the singer was "fine", sources told the Guardian he is "alive and sounding comparatively well".

Rafferty is thought to receive regular royalties from his former band Stealer's Wheel's best known track, Stuck in the Middle With You, which was featured in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs.

17/02/2009 12:05:50