Former SPICE GIRL Geri Halliwell has reportedly been plunged into a deep depression - following the news onetime bandmate Melanie C will never agree to reform the all conquering girl band.

The LOOK AT ME singer - who desperately needs a boost to her flagging career - has been exhibiting some odd behaviour since Mel told her and fellow former bandmates Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown and EMMA BUNTON she was uninterested in the $18 million (GBP10 million) offer to reform for a new world tour.

Yesterday (18MAR04) Geri - who had a well documented battle with bulimia - was spotted jogging in London with a chocolate bar in her hand and later left her hotel without any shoes on.

Worried loved ones fear Geri has been laid so low by Mel's decision, she may start to spiral into her old ways.

One tells Britain's DAILY SPORT newspaper, "Geri was relying on the Spice Girls reunion to turn things around and now she feels really despondent.

"Some of her friends even think she should consider getting professional help."

19/03/2004 13:26