Former SPICE GIRL Geri Halliwell's latest video has been censored by British TV executives who fear it is too raunchy for young pop fans.

Bosses of BBC's Top Of The Pops (TOTP) show have removed Halliwell's bottom wiggling scenes from the promo of new single RIDE IT and have insisted on vetting her outfit for tonight's (22OCT04) programme to ensure her newly busty body isn't exposed on air.

A BBC spokesman explains, "Top of the Pops will air Geri's video without a couple of unsuitable shots. TOTP haven't discussed what Geri will wear on tonight's show."

An insider says, "They basically have Geri on boob watch. She is much bustier these days and they are scared she might pop out. It's like something out of the dark ages."

The singer recently announced she was following in the footsteps of Madonna and Cher, by dropping her surname to become simply Geri.

22/10/2004 14:16