SPICE GIRL Geri Halliwell has hired a voice coach to help improve her singing - because she is unhappy with her live vocals. The Spice Girls kick off their world tour in Vancouver, Canada, on 2 December (07), but Halliwell is terrified her voice will not be strong enough to fill the big arenas the Wannabe stars will be playing in when she performs her solo set. Her voice coach, Zoe Tyler, says, "Geri can't sing live. She is s**t but she knows she is. At least she is realistic. She admits she is not a great singer but she is determined to give the best possible performance she can. We have been working together a lot and she has been working incredibly hard. "Geri is thrilled to have her own little solo spot on the tour. Not all of the girls do, so it is a great chance for her to stand out. She has a great routine worked out but she is worried her voice will let her down."