Motherhood appears to be changing Geri Halliwell's attitude to life as she has started to write children's books.

Following in the footSteps of fellow singer Madonna, the former Spice Girl is penning the books following the birthday of her daughter, Bluebell.

Her tales of the adventures of Ugenia Lavender have been snapped up by publishers Macmillan Children's Books and Geri could not be happier about the deal.

"Writing for me feels like home. I've always written - at school I loved writing stories and creating mini-worlds where anything can happen," she said.

Real life has proved to be an inspiration for Geri, with characters in the tales of Ugenia including a princess called Posh Vatoria and a feisty chef known as Uncle Gordon.

Influenced by writers Enid Blyton, CS Lewis and Oscar Wilde, Geri has no expectation of being the next greatest children's writer after Harry Potter author Jk Rowling.

"There is a positive message in there, but it tastes like chocolate not cabbage," she said. "It would be amazing if Ugenia Lavender encouraged both girls and boys to get reading."

13/04/2007 14:51:20