Former SPICE GIRL Geri Halliwell has set her sights on playing MISS PIGGY in the latest MUPPET movie.

The LOOK AT ME singer, 31, is hoping to land the coveted voiceover role of KERMIT's girlfriend in the latest Jim Henson film.

A source says, "Geri has been a huge fan on the show from childhood and would love a role in the new film. Even to do voiceover work would be great. She would be ideal for Miss Piggy."

Geri's hunger for screen fame follows a guest spot in Sex And The City and her TV flop presenting game show ALL AMERICAN GIRL.

The source continues, "Geri really wants to do something that will get her in the limelight again. She's been itching to get back on screen. She was a real hit in the states.

"Her agent in Los Angeles is sending her to various castings but Geri reckons The Muppets would be fantastic fun and a great opportunity. She is always up for a laugh."

28/12/2003 10:40