Geri Horner said a prayer to God in a bid to conceive naturally at 44.

The former Spice Girls star revealed it took just two months to fall pregnant after she looked for divine intervention - and she considers her five-month-old son Monty to be a ''gift'' from God.

Geri - who has Monty with her husband Christian Horner - said: ''I really wanted to have another baby and I'm older now, and you think 'oh is that possible?'

''I thought maybe it's not for me but I would really like this for this relationship.''

Geri, who also has an 11-year-old daughter called Bluebell from her relationship with Sacha Gervasi, revealed she turned to God for help when she'd virtually given up hope of having another child.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''Bluebell, my daughter said to me, 'please don't give up'.

''Sometimes in life, when our back is against the wall, you suddenly think maybe I'm not running the show here, maybe there's something bigger than myself.

''I actually said a prayer. I went, 'God, if you exist then I'll have a baby naturally'. I swear on my life that's what I did.

''I put my hands together and I prayed and two months later I got pregnant.''

Geri believes that Monty stands as living proof that God does exist.

She explained: ''It was really bizarre. I was like, OK, that's testimony that sometimes in life maybe there is something bigger.

''This little baby Monty felt like this little gift from something bigger, whatever we choose to believe in. I just did acupuncture and prayer and that was it.''

Meanwhile, Geri recently rubbished claims that she and her former Spice Girls bandmate Victoria Beckham are at loggerheads.

In fact, she revealed the fashion designer has already been to visit her and Monty.

Geri said: ''She's a beautiful person, she's kind and she came round to visit Monty.''