Geri Horner always turned to George Michael to get an honest assessment of her love life and her music.

The 44-year-old star was a close friend of the 'Careless Whisper' hitmaker - who passed away on Christmas Day in 2016 - and has revealed she would always look towards George for life advice.

She shared: ''I'd always want his critique and approval.

''There were two things I used to bring around for him: first, the latest song I'd written, to see what he thought. I'd also bring round my then boyfriend. He would always give me a debrief afterwards.''

Geri, who is releasing 'Angels In Chains' to honour the late pop star, revealed they became good pals after they both experienced the loss of a parent.

Geri told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''He was just so honest about his mother's passing, and that honesty helped me.''

Geri has also admitted she prayed in the hoping having another baby.

The former Spice Girl gave birth to her second child and her first with her husband Christian Horner, a son called Montague, in January 2017 after she decided to seek divine intervention.

Geri - who also has an 11-year-old daughter called Bluebell from a previous relationship - explained: ''I had tried [to conceive] and it didn't work. It was my daughter who said, 'Mummy, please don't give up'. I prayed and did some acupuncture and then it happened. He's a little gift.''

Meanwhile, Geri recently admitted that although she was heartbroken when she learned about George's passing, the process of making the tribute record helped ''push [her] out the door'' to re-start her music career.

She confessed: ''He had such an impact on my life. I didn't know what to do with all my feelings. When we have grief, you have to share it with each other. It was like a gift, it pushed me out the door.''