Geri Horner calms her stage nerves by imaging her audience naked.

The 45-year-old singer - who will next be seen on TV with her new talent show 'All Together Now', where contestants perform in front of a panel of 100 music experts and performers - has appeared in front of thousands of fans across the world as part of the Spice Girls but she admits she always would be apprehensive before stepping out to sing.

But Geri - better known as 'Ginger Spice' from her girl group days - has a technique to still the butterflies in her tummy.

She explained: ''I'd be terrified. I don't know how many people would stand up for me if I came out on stage. I'm always scared but the difference is I'm brave. I always visualise everyone in their pants and that normalises it. The winner of this will be the one who's brave enough to follow their heart.''

Geri - who has daughter Bluebell, 11, from a past relationship, 12-month-old son Monty with husband Christian Horner, and stepdaughter Olivia, four - admits these days she always puts her family before anything else but loves going out to work to fulfill her creative side.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she said: ''I prioritise being a mother and my family. But I'm a creative being and I like working on the right thing. As I get older, my energy and time is really precious, so I try to balance that. I love writing, that's something I'll always do whether it's music or books and I also like people. As you grow older, you learn what's your bag and for me it's telling stories and people. I like connecting, I've got a curious mind, so TV feels like a very comfortable medium for me.''

But Geri can't help but feeling guilty when work keeps her away from her children.

She said ''My mum guilt kicks in when Monty wakes me up at 5.20am. I do the school run, I'm with him all day and then have to get everyone to bed. So going to work the next day feels quite easy. But of course I feel guilty. I feel anxious when I haven't spent enough time with my kids. I want to feel connected. I feel my daughter, as she's got older, needs me to be there to talk things through. When they're babies they're gorgeous and I don't want to miss a minute but they need me in different ways. I really want to be there for all those moments.''