Geri Horner eats garlic cloves sandwiches when she feels unwell.

The former Spice Girls star - who has 12-month-old son Monty with husband Christian Horner and 11-year-old daughter Bluebell from a previous relationship with screenwriter Sacha Gervasi - chows down on the seasoning neat or crushed, and adds a bit of honey.

She said: ''I crush up three cloves with honey and put it in a sandwich.''

If the cloves don't revitalise Geri then the 45-year-old star downs apple cider vinegar mixed with bicarbonate of soda.

She added: ''It increases the alkaline levels in the body.''

Geri is best known for being a big part of the 'Wannabe' hitmakers but admits there are no plans for the group - Emma Bunton, Victoria Beckham, Mel B and Mel C - to reunite and tour again, although she still keeps in contact with her former bandmates.

She said: ''As far as another tour happening, there are no plans. Funnily enough, even though I'm the one who left the Spice Girls, I'm always the one talking to everyone. I'm like Woody from 'Toy Story', keeping everyone together.

''I spoke to Emma this morning and texted Mel C and Mel B yesterday, and I sent a message to Victoria a few days ago.

''They are still my family. We were a pack, which is probably why none of us at that time suffered from the sort of sexual abuse that is being talked about now. We looked out for each other.

''I care about all of them. I'm there for whatever anyone is going through, and I'm always open to doing something with the girls, but there are no plans at the moment.''

The 'Mi Chico Latino' hitmaker has admitted the death of her pal George Michael - who passed away in December 2016 aged 53 - has ''showed'' her that her days as a solo performer could be over, too.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday's Event magazine, she added: ''My plan was to do an album, but after George died I worked with all his musicians to make that one single and two things happened to me.

''It liberated me from the grief I felt for the kindest man in the world, who was such a great friend to me, and it showed me that going out there, as a performer in a music industry that has changed so much since I was last in it, wasn't right for me.''