Geri Horner considers getting married to be the ''bravest thing'' she's ever done.

The 45-year-old singer tied the knot with Christian Horner - with whom she has 12-month-old son Montague - in 2015, and has said that alongside becoming a mother, getting married has been the scariest thing she's done, although she thinks that only makes it more ''beautiful''.

When asked what the bravest thing she's ever done has been, Geri - who also has 11-year-old daughter Bluebell with former partner Sacha Gervasi - said: ''It's between getting married and having a baby. The bravest things are the most beautiful. When I do something that's out of my comfort zone, I feel fantastic. I'm afraid all the time, but I say a prayer and become brave. It doesn't mean I'm not scared.''

The former Spice Girl also praised her late father for giving her advice on romance, as she says he told her that she would have ups and downs in her love life, but that she would find true love eventually.

Asked what piece of advice her parents taught her, she said: ''My father died when I was young. He used to write me letters and teach me about politics and the arts. Once, I asked him about relationships. One of the last letters he wrote said, 'Don't worry, the path of love never did run straight.' Just like the fairy tales, we have to slay our own dragons, personal or not.''

That advice may have come in handy when the 'Wannabe' hitmaker experienced her first kiss too, as she claims the ''hideous'' moment was definitely a down in her love life.

When asked by TV Life magazine who she had her first kiss with, she revealed: ''It was with a boy called Christopher Cummings at a party. He asked if he could 'Get off' with me. I didn't know what that meant. Oh my God it was hideous. I had to wipe my mouth afterwards. How embarrassing.''