LATEST: Former SPICE GIRL Geri Halliwell is reluctant to take part in any reunion of the all-conquering girl band - because she fears it could never be the same as before.

Geri - known during the band's heyday as GINGER SPICE - and the girls sparked furious speculation earlier this year (03) when they all met up for dinner for the first time since she left the group.

But the LOOK AT ME chanteuse dispelled reports that a concert tour is on the cards.

She says, "A reunion? Things that were such a moment in time are hard to recapture, like an intense, burning love affair that can't last and is hard to reignite.

"I would be afraid it would never be the same again. Never say never, though. If it was a fun charity thing, who knows? Imagine us five with our Zimmer frames doing the zig a zig aah."

28/05/2003 02:02