The former Spice Girls star, who now goes by her married name Geri Horner following her wedding to Formula One boss Christian Horner in May (15), has almost finished work on the 2016 follow-up to her 2005 album Passion.

Halliwell reveals she stepped away from her solo career for a decade while she has been "growing up" and now wants to sing about life lessons.

She tells Britain's Event magazine, "I'm proud to be older... A lot of me being away from all this was just to accept who I am with all my imperfections and be happy about it.

"It bothers me that there are all these great female singers out there but there is no one singing for my generation and these songs are for women my age who have been through it and who are proud to be who they are. They are songs of optimism and life experience... and of course, you know I've been told writing songs for my generation absolutely won't work..."

Halliwell, 43, also admits she has spent time working on her voice because "I want people to hear that I can actually sing" and she has even recorded a slower, acoustic version of the Spice Girls' debut hit Wannabe.

She adds, "It's my favourite of all the songs we did. I still love those lyrics. When you slow it down you can hear them. And they still mean a lot to me now."

Her fourth solo album is due for release in the spring (16).