Geri Halliwell was booed as she climbed on to the roof of her limo and addressed the crowd on arriving for the first set of 'X Factor' auditions in Liverpool.

The former 'Spice Girls' member has been asked to appear on the singing show as a guest judge replacing Kelly Rowland. She told The Guardian that the guest appearance is an 'audition' for a permanent position on the show. However, despite her confidence that she will land the role, she doesn't appear to be favoured by the show's Liverpool fans who heckled her as she informed them through a megaphone from her car that her nan was from Liverpool and that her and Gary Barlow have had as many number ones between them as The Beatles.

Not only has she been criticised for her attention-seeking methods of fan interaction, but during the auditions she was booed after an apparent jibe at fellow judge and Take That singer Gary Barlow. Following a comment she made to an auditioning girl band not being able to sing, she added, '[But] not everyone in Take That can sing.'

39-year-old Geri brushed off the negativity. 'I don't mind if people want to take the p**s out of me. You get to a certain age where you think, 'Whatever'', she told the Metro. 'Of course they're going to boo as they're protecting their friends.'