Mel C has commented on Geri Halliwell's alleged relationship with Russell Brand on national radio, reports The Metro.
Sporty Spice called Halliwell a "cheeky minx" on the radio, when asked how much she knew about Ginger Spice's reported flirtations with Comedian Russell Brand. "I am sure they are just friends. I'll have to quiz her on that one," she said. The pair had met at the Olympics closing ceremony where they both performed. Geri was reunited with her band mates as The Spice Girls made their highly anticipated comeback gig a memorable one. Brand, fresh from his recently ratified divorce from American singer Katy Perry, came out singing a Willy Wonka classic, before blurting out The Beatles song, I am The Walrus on a Megaphone.
A source close to the pair revealed some information about their new found relationship: "Russell and Geri bonded over the fact that there's more to life than drinking,' said the insider. "Back in the '90s the pair partied for England. Their drunken escapades were well documented and there wasn't a day where they weren't pictured staggering out of a hip London venue. But now they like nothing more than shunning the fancy clubs and bars. They have cleaned up their lifestyles, both are avid Yogis and don't touch a drop of alcohol."