My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way was devastated when he found out the schedule for Britain's Reading and Leeds festival - because his band's headline slot means he will miss out on watching Beady Eye's highly-anticipated performance.
The Welcome to the Black Parade hitmakers are one of the bands topping the bill at the double-venue event in England this summer (Aug11), and they will play in the main arena while Liam Gallagher's new band will perform at the same time on a separate stage.
Way admits he's overjoyed to be headlining the festival, but regrets he won't be able to see the former Oasis rocker play.
He tells Britain's NME magazine, "I really wanna see (Beady Eye play). That's quite a bummer. But that happens a lot... I would definitely love to have gotten to see Beady Eye... I'm a huge fan of (Liam), a fan of his brother and of Oasis, so I think it'll be fine. I think it'll be good."