Gerard Way had ''so much fun'' writing a 'Spider-Man' comic book.

The former My Chemical Romance singer was delighted to be asked by Marvel Comics to pen an edition of the 'Edge of Spider-Verse' series and transformed the titular superhero into a teenage girl.

He said: '' I just finished an issue of Spider-Man, just the one. What's cool abut it is they were like 'You can do what you want with him. You can do an alternate universe Spider-Man' so you literally get to start from scratch.

''It was awesome, I had so much fun, I made Spider-Man like a 14-year-old girl named Peni who pilots this machine with a psychic bond between her and a radioactive spider, it was fun. It was super great, I'm super lucky.''

As well as writing for Marvel, Gerard also has his own 'Umbrella Academy' comic book series and the 'Juarez' singer says penning his animated adventures will keep him busy in the coming months.

Asked what he has coming up next, he told BBC Radio 1: ''I just think a lot of touring and making stuff and a lot of comic books after this. I'm working on a bunch right now, it's going super great.''