Gerard Way's new album will feature ''old soul music.''

The 37-year-old musician has suggested he will shy away from the Britpop-inspired sound of his debut solo album 'Hesitant Album' - released earlier this year - in favour of embracing the sound of his track 'Get The Gang Together'.

He explained: ''[I have] changed things up again. The stuff I've been writing recently feels a lot more akin to songs like 'Get The Gang Together' - it feels like it's moving in a garage-y, old soul music kind of direction.''

Continuing to speak about the record - which he plans to record in September 2015 - he hinted guitars may not be as prominent as they have been in his previous music, because he wants to have brass instruments on the tracks.

He told NME magazine: ''I want to use horns, backing vocals, things like that. Even though I do the majority of my writing on the guitar, I don't know how prominent it's gonna be. So it's moving in a different direction, for sure.''

The star rose to fame as the frontman of My Chemical Romance but split from his 'Teenagers' bandmates in March 2013 after releasing four studio albums, and admits he misses the extravagance of the group's stage shows.

Speaking of his live shows, he said: ''I definitely miss the theatricality of it a little bit.

''Now that I've gotten not doing something theatrical out of my system, I feel like it would be nice to get back into concepts again, maybe explore some more visual stuff.''