LATEST: French film star Gerard Depardieu has been ordered to appear in court over his attack on an Italian photographer two years ago (05). The Green Card actor headbutted the photographer during a shopping trip in Florence, Italy with a female companion. Dario Orlandi was taken to hospital after the attack and claims he could not work for four days - however, Depardieu maintains he warned the snapper to leave him alone. Speaking just after the incident the fiery Frenchman said, " (I said) 'Now be nice, you've taken your pictures, leave us be.' "'This isn't a safari: there are risks and the risk is that you will get my head in your face.' "Then he said: 'Gerard, I'll leave you alone.' I go out and this guy keeps snapping me to death... I put my hands in my pockets and I ask him why he hadn't listened to what I had told him. "He tells me untruthfully, taking me for an idiot: 'Gerard, I'm not taking pictures.' "So my head delivers a single butt, which means two teeth less, and to tell you the truth, I'm pretty satisfied." He has been summoned to appear in a Florence court.