Scottish actor Gerard Butler quit smoking after movie boss Alan Horn ordered him to give up his bad habit in order to play Spartan king Leonidas in 300.
The retired Warner Bros. president wasn't initially keen on director Zach Snyder's decision to cast Butler as his leading man in the epic 2006 movie, but agreed to meet with the Scot.
Put off by his nicotine breath, Horn insisted the actor could only have the role if he promised to stop smoking.
In an interview with trade publication The Hollywood Reporter, Horn says, "I knew from (previous film) Phantom (of the Opera) that he smoked and I thought I smelled it on him, so I said, 'OK, you can have the part on one condition: You have got to stop smoking.'
"He said, 'Are you serious?' I said, 'Yes. Give me your word, and it's (part) yours.' And he said, 'I give you my word.'
"I feel these guys and ladies (Hollywood stars) are role models, and I believe the jury is in on smoking... It's bad."