Gerard Butler thinks Jennifer Aniston has the "best legs" in Hollywood.

The actor - who has denied repeated speculation he is dating his 'Bounty Hunter' co-star - was full of praise for the actress at the film's New York premiere last night (16.03.10) and thinks her pins are perfect.

He said: "She's vivacious. I mean, she's just so alive inside, and that really shows through.

"And Jen actually does have the best legs in Hollywood!"

The Scottish star believes the speculation surrounding the status of their relationship will never end, but hopes it won't affect their future friendship.

He added: "It will never be over. If Jen remains my friend, which I hope she will, anytime we would ever hang out in any way will be described as us dating again."

The pair bonded during filming over their love of food, and Gerard was delighted to be a guest at one of the 40-year-old actress' dinner parties.

He said: "She has a big thing with Mexico and Mexican food. And I had a great night of Mexican food and a whole bunch of people... over at her house, she had a big to-do, and she had a lot of friends over and it was delicious."

Gerard, 40, admits his friends were jealous when they heard he had been cast alongside Jennifer in the film.

He said: "I don't think I have to tell you what my friends said when I was working with Jen Aniston. People love her; she's sexy. She's beautiful. My friends hate me that I get to work with her, and they don't."