Gerard Butler will reprise his role as Secret Service agent Mike Banning in 'Angel Has Fallen.'

The Scottish heartthrob brought the action hero to life in 2013's 'Olympus Has Fallen' and 'London Has Fallen' earlier this year and has agreed to take on a third movie in the lucrative franchise.

A director is yet to be appointed, however, Magnificent Seven's Antoine Fuqua helmed the first movie and it scooped an impressive $160 million at the worldwide box office, whilst this year's offering made $195 million under the direction of Babak Najafi.

Butler will produce alongside Alan Siegel, Mark Gill, John Thompson, and Matt O'Toole and fans of the action blockbusters will be delighted to hear the plot is steering in a similar direction to its predecessors and will see Banning fight back against an onslaught of attackers.

''Angel'' is the code name for Air Force One indicating the US president is at the centre of the fracas this time around and Washington D.C. will likely take a battering.

Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt have returned to write another money-spinning script and production is set to star in early 2017.

Butler is known for performing his own stunts in Hollywood but recently revealed his career almost ended prematurely on stage during a production of Shakespeare's 'Coriolanus'.

He recalled: ''We were supposed to be these revolting citizens so [the director] puts us all together and he gives us the script... it's very physical theatre so they wanted 12 guys running.

''Run, turn, say the line, run, turn, say the line.

''But we all had stakes in our hands so we go and I turn this way and the guy next to me goes and sticks a wooden stake right in my eye.

''I thought I'd lost my eye, and then I had a black eye probably for two weeks.''