Gerard Butler is terrified of losing his mum.

The 'Olympus Has Fallen' actor - who was brought up by his mother after his dad walked out when he was a child before later reuniting with him - says not knowing his father for 14 years had a big impact on his life and left him hugely dependent on his parent.

He said: ''It made me very dependent on my mother, in a good way, as I do have an amazing mother.

''I always had this terror of losing her. I used to have nightmares about it all the time. I was often on a beach, kneeling on some board and the board wouldn't move, and my mother would be calling me, and I couldn't get to her.''

The Scottish star admits his unsettled childhood caused him to be an attention seeker and he says he was always desperate for his mother to say she loved him more than his two older siblings.

He said: ''It caused me to be an attention seeker. I was the youngest and would always say to my mum, 'Just tell me you love me more' and she'd always say, 'I love you all the same' and I'd say, 'I know you have to say that but, just admit it, you love me more.'''