Gerard Butler plays games with the paparazzi who follow him around Hollywood, because he hates letting them catch him in compromising positions.
The actor has quickly become one of Hollywood's hottest properties, and rumours of a romance with Jennifer Aniston mean he's now a top target for celebrity photographers.
Butler finds the attention tough, particular when paps pop up while he's trying to eat.
He was recently caught dining outside a restaurant by a photographer determined to get a snap of him eating - so he embarked on a cat and mouse game.
Butler explains, "It was almost like holding out a (stick) for a dog. Every time I got my fork, he picked his camera up, so I put it down again and he put his camera down. Then I'd pick it up again.
"The only time I could eat was when a bus went past or a truck. Then literally the truck would stop and I go boom, boom, boom and I'd shovel the food in."