Gerard Butler is delighted his new animated movie HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON has taken attention away from his role in THE BOUNTY HUNTER - because he's fed up with seeing his face on posters promoting the action film.
The Scottish actor's turn as a bounty hunter received huge press attention after it was rumoured he was romancing his co-star Jennifer Aniston off screen.
The pair laughed off the claims, insisting they are just pals - but Butler admits he's tired of being subjected to tabloid speculation.
And he's pleased his new DreamWorks project, which topped the U.S. box office charts at the weekend (27-28Mar10), has taken some of the media glare away from him.
He explains, "I do admit that it's got a little weird seeing my mug (face) everywhere. I have my face on posters and buses and I don't need it on everything.
"It has been a pleasure to go behind the scenes and be just the voice of a character. It's good to lie low for a while."