American news man Geraldo Rivera insists the first week of the MICHAEL JACKSON child molestation trial has only served to re-emphasise his comments that the pop superstar is innocent.

The FOX NEWS CHANNEL star, who was the last person to interview Jackson before the trial got underway, swore he'd shave off his trademark moustache if the singer was convicted.

But, despite the fact he thinks a fair trial is impossible now there are no African-American jury members, Rivera still thinks it will be impossible for the authorities to convict Jackson on the evidence presented to them.

He says, "It may in fact be that Jackson is a paedophile, I don't know, but, as a lawyer, when you examine this case now that the first week of the trial has gone by more people are coming to agree with me - the facts just don't support this indictment."

And Rivera is still baffled as to why prosecutors chose to show a video, in which the accuser's family did nothing but praise the King of Pop.

He adds, "This family has changed it's story three different times, they did a videotape that the DA (district attorney), to his discredit, played in court, in which the family is sitting there and they're just gushing about what a wonderful man Michael Jackson is.

"So the question you ask as a lawyer is, 'Are you lying now or were you lying then?' How can you convince someone beyond a reasonable doubt when the accuser and the all of the supporting witnesses have changed their story so many times?

"Again, I'm not saying he's (Jackson) innocent, I'm saying he's not guilty... You can't convict him just because he's weird looking."

08/03/2005 09:32