Geraldine Page's actress daughter is working on a new play and documentary about her late movie star mother.
New York theatre star Angelica Page has created a one-woman show based on the Sweet Bird of Youth actress' life and career, and the project will have its first reading at the Actor's Studio in the Big Apple on 30 April (12).
She tells, "We're picking a director now and I've just been invited to the Eugene O'Neill (theatre) over the summer to develop it and that will probably be ready to share with the public in the fall."
Page is also working on a book about her mum, adding, "The play and the book are intertwined and at the moment the working title is Turning A Page. It's as much about my journey as my mother's daughter as it is about my mother's life. It's about how she affected me and how I came to be where I am.
"The reason I became an actress is because I needed to understand her better and because I missed her and I wanted to have something of hers with me at all times.
"The book is a page-turner I've been told by people who have read it, which is great. It's very powerful and very candid. It's all going to come out this year because it's the 25th anniversary of my mother's passing."
She is also hoping to make it a three-way project by developing the concept into a film: "I'm talking to (U.S. TV network) American Masters, which is where I'm hoping to produce the documentary."