Smooth soul star Gerald Levert has turned his torn achilles injury into a positive after using his recovery period to shed the pounds.

The bulky CASANOVA singer ironically tore his tendon while he was trying to lose weight at a fitness resort last year (05) and was told to rest up after doctors performed surgery on him.

But the determined singer insisted on keeping up his bid to lose weight while he was in his sick bed.

He says, "(I eat) one meal and I take this protein shake - a new weightloss thing that I'm trying out. They might want me to be the spokesman for it."

Levert insists he'll only return to the limelight when he's "looking good and scrumptious."

Meanwhile, he isn't the only member of the famous Levert family to we hobbling around - his father Eddie Levert broke his ankle dancing on stage with GAP BAND star Charlie Wilson.

Gerald laughs, "He called me about three or four in the morning talking about, `Man, I tried to dance backward like the moonwalk and I broke my ankle.'"