R+B star Gerald Levert was arrested early Friday (25FEB05) during a confrontation with police at a traffic intersection in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

Levert, 38, was cited on charges of driving under the influence and impeding the flow of traffic. Levert was arrested for obstructing official business, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer, says police Lieutenant WAYNE DRUMMOND.

The arrest charges were under review Friday as Levert remained in jail.

Levert was driving one of two cars that stopped near where another motorist had been pulled over for speeding at 12.45am. As people in both cars approached police for an explanation why the driver had been stopped, they were told to leave, but refused, report police.

Drummond says Levert became angry and shoved an officer, who used pepper spray on the singer to subdue him.

01/03/2005 02:27