Chinese film-makers have unveiled plans to make a movie about atrocities perpertrated by Japanese soldiers in Nanking in 1937, just days before Japanese Prime Minister JUNICHIRO KOIZUMI visits a controversial memorial to the massacre. Experts estimate that 300,000 Chinese were slaughtered when the Imperial Army sacked the wartime capital, which is now known as Nanjing. And relations between to two Asian nations are still strained over the incident, with many Chinese refused to forgive unwarranted Japanese aggression. The film will be based on IRIS CHANG's bestseller THE RAPE OF NANKING, and will focus on the horrific experiences of one Chinese family. Producer Gerald Green says, "We hope we can make the film a classic on a massacre in the Second World War, just like SCHINDLER'S LIST about the miserable experiences of Jewish people during the war." Crouching Tiger, HIDDEN DRAGON actresses Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh are expected to star in the controversial project which will mark the massacre's 70th anniversary.