Georgia May Jagger steals her mother's clothes.

The 21-year-old model - who is the daughter of Sir Mick Jagger and former model Jerry Hall - says her style is so eclectic because she's constantly borrowing vintage designer pieces from her mum's wardrobe, which she has to fight her older sister Lizzie for.

She told Stylist magazine: ''My style is hard to identify - I'm a real chameleon. I've nicked so much from mum - Thierry Mugler suits and sparkly things from [70s desinger] Fabrice. [My sister] Lizzie got first dibs on the lot!

''All the Vivienne Westwood - the cooler pieces... but they go back and forth. There's a lot of sharing, especially style tips - its all big hair and red lipstick.''

The blonde bombshell claims it was never her intention to follow in her mother or sister's footsteps, and actually tried to shy away from the modelling industry at first.

Georgia said: ''People think I always wanted to be a model, but I rebelled against it - I used to tell my mum and sister Lizzie, 'I don't wanna be like you when I grow up!' ''

The star is hoping to spend more time behind the camera in the future and believes her modelling experience has given her an advantage when it comes to capturing the perfect shot.

She added: ''I love modelling, but it's more relaxing to take the photo. I'm inspired by Helmut Newton and Cindy Sherman - her photography is like art.

''Modelling is invaluable for learning things they don't teach you in photography school - how shoots work and the trickery behind it all.''