Georgia May Jagger's ex-boyfriend is writing a kiss-and-tell book about their relationship.

The 26-year-old model and German rapper Norman Theuerkorn split earlier this summer after only a few months of dating and Norman, 31, was upset when he discovered she was moving on with a new man.

After seeing pictures of Georgia kissing French restaurateur Louis Levy, 29, Norman - who previously served time in jail for burglary and theft convictions - tweeted: ''Seems a PR stunt? If you're really curious about our romance, read my memoir out soon.''

The Daily Mail reports that Norman - who got Georgia's name tattooed on the inside of his lip but later removed some letters so that it now only spells 'orgi' - has been dropped by Storm Models.

It was previously reported that Georgia's father, Sir Mick Jagger, was worried about her romance with the former con.

A source said: ''Mick will be worried. He is always very protective of his children, particularly his daughters, and would be concerned about a boyfriend with a criminal record.''

Norman has explained that he only stole to help his rap career.

He said: ''Technology cost money -- microphones, computers and the studio we rented. Unfortunately, there is no section at the employment office where you say, 'Hello, I'm about to become a rapper somehow. Can you finance that?'''

Georgia was previously in a six-year relationship with musician Josh McLellan, who she met when he played in her brother James' band Turbogeist.