Georgia May Jagger has an ''authentic'' style, according to Peter Dundas.

The 24-year-old supermodel - who signed to Independent Models in 2008 - has been credited as the ideal muse for the fashion house Roberto Cavalli, which Peter is the artistic director of, because she has the brand's ''story'' running through her blood stream.

Speaking about the blonde beauty to PORTER magazine, the creative mastermind said: ''The story is in her blood.

''She is so authentic, which is important to me, and she is so much fun. If you are next to Georgia May at a dinner you are guaranteed a good night.''

And the 47-year-old fashion designer has revealed his inspiration for his elegant masterpieces is aiming to create a garment someone will want to strip off of you.

He explained: ''I always design with the aim that someone will want to undress you.''

Meanwhile, Georgia - who is the daughter of Rolling Stones legend Sir Mick Jagger and supermodel Jerry Hall - has she has stolen pieces from her mum's jewellery collection because they're such great pieces.

Speaking previously, she said: ''I have a lot of her costume jewellery from when she was modelling, like stuff from Chanel. It was funny because I asked her the other day, 'When you first worked for Chanel, who was the designer there?' She was like, 'Coco Chanel.' I was like, 'Oh my god, really?' It's quite amazing.''

Talking about her latest steal, she said: ''They're like gold chains and, you know, big bangles. The '80s was kind of all about that big, chunky costume jewellery and I think that's going to come back.''

Georgia, who is currently the face of Thomas Sabo jewellery, believes every girl should own a nice pair of earrings.

When asked about essential pieces, she said: ''I think a great pair of earrings like hoops or studs, and a cocktail ring, which is always nice for an evening.''