Georgia Jagger is glad she has her mother's looks, because she can model jeans.

The aspiring model - daughter of Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger and his ex-wife, former model Jerry Hall - recently starred in a campaign for Hudson jeans, which she said suited a "sexier" fuller-figured woman, rather than the skinnier frame of her older sister Lizzy.

Georgia, 18, said: "When mum was first modelling, it was all about that Thierry Mugler woman with The Tiny waist and the giant a*s. They used to pad their hips. I think it's much sexier. Lizzy and my dad are naturally skinny. I model jeans. You need a bum for those."

Georgia - who has also appeared in a campaign for Rimmel cosmetics and has walked the runway for CHANEL - also said she was shocked when she saw the sexy results of her Hudson campaign, in which she was photographed topless but covering her modesty.

She added: "My mum did a lot of very provocative work with Helmut Newton. She understands. It is pretty crazy, though. I didn't think that it was going to be on giant billboards everywhere. I'm sort of like, 'Oh, God!' "

She also added that she has managed to steal some of her father's wardrobe for her own, adding to Harper's Bazaar: "But just 60s and 70s stuff. The newer stuff dad still owns.

"Most of the costumes look iconic in pictures, but up close, they're terrible, covered in plastic beads meant to look like rhinestones. My dad has more sparkly stuff than most men."