BOBBY 'BORIS' PICKETT has reprised his classic 1960s novelty hit MONSTER MASH for a new attack on US President George W Bush.

Pickett has rewritten the lyrics for the tune and renamed the song MONSTER Slash to protest Bush's environmental policies.

The revamped Halloween (31OCT) favourite appears on a new Flashanimated skit on website,, which is sponsored by the CAMPAIGN TO PROTECT AMERICA'S LANDS and DEFENDERS OF WILDLIFE ACTION FUND.

The accompanying animated video features cartoons of Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and others destroying a forest.

The new lyrics include: "We were hiking in the forest late one night/ When our eyes beheld an eerie sight/ Our president appeared and began to frown/ Then he and his friends cut the forest down/ He did the slash/ They did the forest slash/ He did the slash/ It was brutally brash/ He did the slash/ Public opinion was mashed/ He did the slash/ They did it for the cash."

Pickett, who teamed up with LEON RUSSELL and THE CRYPTKEEPER FIVE for the 1962 American number one, says, "I decided to do this new recording because, like millions of people, I think this president has the worst environmental record in the history of our great nation."

20/10/2004 21:14