Pop duo THE PET SHOP BOYS have had a theatrical anti-war performance of their new hit I'M WITH STUPID censored by BBC bosses - to avoid a political backlash. The IT'S A SIN hitmakers wanted to appear on music TV show Top Of The Pops accompanied by six dancers wearing masks based on US President George W Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair. But the British broadcaster insisted the band include other political leaders to make their stage show balanced, for fear of upsetting viewers. A statement on the band's website reads, "Originally there were three Tony Blairs and three George Bushes. But the BBC insisted, for 'political balance', the other UK party leaders had to be shown, and there could only be one Blair and one Bush." Masks depicting former US President Bill Clinton, UK Conservative Party leader David Cameron, Liberal Democrat leader MENZIES CAMPBELL and Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN were subsequently added. The performance will be screened on Sunday (23APR06).