Hip-hop mogul SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS is disappointed with American President George W Bush and Democrat Senator John Kerry for avoiding urban regions on their campaign trail.

The rapper, 34, has been touring the country with his VOTE OR DIE! campaign, encouraging young African Americans to register to vote ahead of Tuesday's (02NOV04) presidential elections.

During a stop in Detroit, Michigan on Tuesday (26OCT04), Diddy said, "If you look at the campaign schedules, they're not making time for these people."

After watching Kerry's daughter ALEXANDRA and VANESSA and Bush's twin offspring JENNA and BARBARA visiting college campuses and appearing on the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS, Diddy wishes their famous fathers would spend more time with the youth.

He laments, "I'm not knocking what their daughters are doing, but it ain't nothing like seeing the men themselves. They're not going to send their daughters to talk to veterans."

01/11/2004 10:47