Funnywoman WHOOPIE GOLDBERG has hit back at Republicans gloating about President George W Bush's election victory - by sending them a box of chocolates accompanied by cutting letter.

Right-wing group CITIZENS UNITED has been renting billboards all over Hollywood to poke fun at high-profile celebrities who opposed Bush's re-election campaign.

A poster bearing images of Goldberg, Michael Moore, Barbra Streisand, as well as other ardent Democrat celebrities, features the jibe, "Four more years. Thank you, Hollywood!"

Goldberg responded by sending the confectionary with a note to Citizen United's Washington headquarters which reads, "Gentlemen: I didn't realise how little faith you had in your candidate. To give so much power to folks like myself is amazing.

"I thought you all said that the President won because of what he stood for, and now I come to find out that the only reason he got elected was because of people like me. This doesn't say much for your candidate. Enjoy the chocolate."

When staff members confirmed the chocolates had definitely come from Goldbery they immediately ate them with glee.

02/03/2005 17:56