George W Bush, the former President of the US who recently released his controversial memoirs, was unharmed after a man ran off the road and crashed his car into the Republican's front lawn, reports People Magazine. Dallas police say they have detained the driver who accidently stepped on the gas of his Plymouth Barracuda.
Authorities confirmed that the man was driving erratically but meant no harm to the former President or his wife. According to Bush's spokesman DAVID SHERZER, the couple were at home at the time of the incident on Wednesday (22nd December 2010) but were unharmed and there were also no reports of damage to the house. The driver of the vehicle was said to have got into difficulty after his accelerator pedal became stuck resulting in his car careering onto Bush's front lawn. The former president lives on a public street but shortly after he moved in the area became a gated community and is now protected by the Secret Service.
Reports suggest that the driver of the vehicle was granted access to the Preston Hollow neighbourhood to visit a friend. Other notable residents of the affluent area include the billionaire ROSS PEROT, and the Dallas Cowboys football coach WADE PHILLIPS.