THE AVIATOR star LEONARDO DiCAPRIO has helped to launch an international campaign to raise awareness of the billions of people in the world without access to clean water.

The actor has signed a petition calling on US President George W Bush and other government leaders to commit to a legally binding UNITED NATIONS treaty declaring clean water as a basic human right.

Speaking on World Water Day in San Francisco, California, yesterday (22MAR05), he said, "We are here to help raise awareness about what is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today."

DiCaprio screened a short film he helped produce called WATER PLANET, which highlights the need to conserve the world's limited supply of fresh water and provide greater access to it for more than 1.2 billion people.

The film will be distributed from next month (APR05) on the internet, at film festivals, on television stations and at schools to educate the public about what DiCaprio calls the "growing global water crisis".

23/03/2005 21:35