Fox TV boss PETER LIGUORI has criticised the US Senate's decision to impose far heavier penalties on broadcasters if they screen indecent material, because the ruling is already having a "chilling effect on creativity". US President George W Bush last month (JUN06) signed legislation which set the maximum fine for broadcasting such material at $325,000 (GBP180,000) - ten times what it used to be. Ligouri has hit back, arguing the new decency guidelines are "vague" and "difficult to manage". He adds, "None of our business plans are designed to take on such huge fines." The House Of Representatives passed a similar bill in 2004, following Janet Jackson's infamous breast-baring "wardrobe malfunction" at that year's Super Bowl. The maximum penalty then set was $500,000 (GBP278,000). US TV network CBS was fined $550,000 (GBP305,000) for Jackson's Super Bowl incident - fines can multiply as each network has dozens of affiliated stations around the country.