A controversial British drama about the fictional assassination of US President George W Bush has been applauded following its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in Canada. DEATH OF A PRESIDENT, which shows Bush shot dead in Chicago, Illinois in 2007, was recently slammed as "irresponsible" and "horrible" by American politicians. However, director GABRIEL RANGE claims critics are judging the film unfairly as they have yet to see it. He says, "I think the film makes it clear it would really be a horrific event. I really don't think that anyone would get the idea of assassinating Bush from this film." He adds, "It is using the lens of the future to look at the present. It is about issues that have affected us all in the last five years. It is a film about America today. "The central conceit of the film was that it is a drama, but told in the style of what we hope is a fairly authentic, classic, retrospective documentary. Clearly, if we had told a retrospective documentary with a fictional president, it would have undermined and undercut that central idea."