The elder members of I'M A CELEBRITY camp have been speculating on who may be the first contestant to be voted out of camp by the public vote.

Simon, Carly, Dani, Joe and Timmy are all exempt from the first round of eliminations this year, which led to a discussion between Robert Kilroy-Silk and David Van Day as they lay in their hammocks.

Former politician Robert said it would be one less person to choose from, while David said there could be "a few A-listers in the first group".

Robert noted that George Takei has not been one of the most noteworthy competitors so far, wondering if fans of Star Trek were tuning into the proceedings.

"If they're the same people then he has got a lot of support. It'll be interesting to see how it all goes. The younger ones are loosening up a bit too. I think two of them are happy they are exempt and their attitudes have totally relaxed which is nice," said Robert.

Former DOLLAR singer David Van Day has already clashed with glamour model Nicola McLean.

25/11/2008 11:09:21